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ALERTFor your safety, the Martin Campus and Bertie Campus will close daily at 4:30pm until further notice. We ask that at all times should you need to communicate with offices at the college you do so through email or phone.
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Your MCC E-mail

Forgot your e-mail account password? Call e-mail support at 252-789-0300.

New Students

Your account may take up to two (2) business days to be created if you first registered after the semester has begun. If you registered during the early-registration period, your account will be created within one (1) business day after the semester begins. Passwords for accounts are managed individually (i.e., changing your Blackboard password will not change your e-mail password and vice-versa).

Default Username/Password

If you are a student, your username and default password will adhere to the following scheme:

E-mail Address: first initial + last initial + last 5 digits of ID@mcc.martincc.edu
Blackboard Username: first initial + last initial + last 5 digits of student id
Default Password (can be changed after login): first initial + last initial + 6-digit birthday (MMddYY)

Example: if John Doe had a student ID of 1234567 and was born in January 15, 1982, then he would login like this:

  • E-mail Address: jd34567@mcc.martincc.edu
  • Username for Blackboard: jd34567
  • Initial Password for E-mail and Blackboard: jd011582