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ALERTFor your safety, the Martin Campus and Bertie Campus will close daily at 4:30pm until further notice. We ask that at all times should you need to communicate with offices at the college you do so through email or phone.
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Email Help

Martin Community College (MCC) provides a free email account to curriculum students which will be used by the college’s staff and instructors for all communication. If you use your personal email account, instructors and staff may not respond. It is best practice to check your email account at least once daily.

Steps to Access Your Student Email

  1. Access the college's website.
  2. Click on the “Email Access” link at the top of the webpage.
  3. Click the "Students or Adjunct Faculty Email" icon.
  4. Follow the instructions below for logging into your email account.


first initial of first name + first initial of last name + last 5 digits of ID#@mcc.martincc.edu

(Your MCC Student ID Number is included in your admissions letter.)


first initial + last initial + 6-digit birthday (mmddyy)


If John Smith had a student ID of 1234567 and was born in January 15, 1982, then he would login like this:

Password for E-mail: jd011582