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PTA students take fitness test

February 25, 2019

MCC's entire PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) class participated in the Presidentís Adult Fitness Test on February 20. The students take the test at the beginning and end of spring semester. They are assessed on: How many sit ups they can do in a minute; How many push ups they can do in a minute; Flexibility through a V-sit reach; and Time in walking 1 mile or running 1.5 mile. The current Presidentís Physical Fitness Test was adopted nationwide during the Obama Administration. It is an updated, adult version from the one first introduced during the Kennedy administration.

The students take the test to make them aware of how physically fit they are. This is important because it takes a lot of physical work to treat some patients. Also, the experience provides the students with direct knowledge of what baseline physical fitness is and helps them with encouraging patients to be more active and fit. According to their instructor, Dawn Parker, "I tell them that if they want their bodies to do more, they have to demand more. If they improve their fitness after the second test, I give them extra credit. So far, nearly every student improves, every year."

The students are pictured above. Squatting in front from left to right are: Mary Kate Morris, Brenley Boyd, and Kendal Williams. Standing directly behind them from left to right are Isaac Gibbs, Stephanie Bell, Natalie Szapiro, Tyra Freeman, Madison Dozier, Bailey Krivanec, and Emily Merritt. On the back row from left to right are; Hannah Pippin, Conner Harrison, Kimberly Culler, Neil Williams, Caroline Ganzert, and Jordan Rogers. Haley O'Neal had scooted off before the picture was taken (probably trying to improve her time). They will take the test again in late April to see if their fitness levels have improved. All MCC faculty, staff and students are invited to participate.