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January 17, 2019

The MCC Board of Trustees met on 11/20/18 at the College’s campus in Williamston.

Dwayne Baker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees called the meeting to order. The consent agenda was the first item to be considered. (Consent agendas group routine business and reports into one agenda item. Board members may remove items from the consent agenda if they feel further discussion of the issue is warranted.) The consent agenda included approval of minutes and recommendations from the following meetings:

  • Regular Trustee meeting on October 2
  • Executive Committee meeting on October 25: 1) Ratification of a pay and classification plan 2) Ratification of implementing the pay and classification plan
  • Curriculum Committee meeting on November 14: 1) Ratification of plan to offer curriculum courses at Bertie Correctional Institute pending SACS COC approval

MCC President, Dr. Paul Hutchins, updated the board on the following items:

  • Thanked everyone, especially Robert Bonner, for all the hard work on the MCC Foundation’s annual Stampede in the Park Rodeo fundraiser. The MCC equine drill team did a wonderful half time show. Event officials are predicting a profit of $22,000. (see pages 2 and 3)
  • The SACS COC team sent correspondence thanking Maureen Green and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) committee for their hard work prior to and during their visit
  • The President’s one-on-one meetings with every MCC employee has progressed nicely. MCC Trustee’s Meeting Conducted on November 20 To date, there are only ten employees left to see.
  • Billy Barber, MCC’s business and industry liaison, attended a recent Advanced Manufacturing meeting in Rocky Mount. The State’s Secretary of Commerce announced that there are 2,000 jobs in the pipeline.
  • Work continues on transferring funds from MCC’s general fund to the Foundation and or one of its Fund Authorities.
  • Clarence Biggs, a Foundation Board Member Emeritus, has established a scholarship fund for Continuing Education students.
  • The Trustees voted on the following items:

    • Unanimously approved a Service Animal Policy. (Prior questions about insurance issues had been satisfactorily answered.)
    • Unanimously approved a right-of-way for infrastructure to the county’s new 911 call center.

    Steve Taylor, MCC’s Dean of Administrative Services/Capital Project Coordinator reported that the campus door project is now on fast track and 90% of doors are done.

    MCC’s Vice President, Dr. Brian Busch reported on enrollment trends. He also noted that the Self Serve (online registration) beta groups going very well.

    Amanda Wells noted that employees can now access their W2’s and earnings statements on Self Serve.

    Dr. Hutchins announced that after 21 years of service, Mr. Willie Peele has submitted his resignation from the Board of Trustees. Trustee Jones agreed to serve as the interim secretary until Peele’s seat is filled. Peele is an appointee of the Martin County School Board.

    The Trustees also met on 12/18/18 at Deadwood. Their short business meeting to approve minutes and classroom designs was followed by a Christmas social. The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for 7 p.m. on 1/15/19, Williamston campus.